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DSR Mecc alte AVR - Original - €330.00 (EURO)

Mecc alte DSR Voltage Regulator - Digital model that combines AVR function with Alternator Protections and Diagnostics. Original & made in Italy.

€330.00 (EURO) / £280.00 (GBP) - New & Boxed - ex stock - worldwide shipping.

We are aware that there are poorly made illegal / counterfeit Chinese models available on the market. Please note our products are Genuine, have full warranty and have been sourced directly from the Mecc alte factory.

Please contact us now for a full quotation with DHL cost:

E000-13300 Voltage Regulator - Genuine

E000-13300 MA330 Automatic Voltage Regulator - Genuine and made in the United Kingdom. PMG powered Automatic Voltage Regulator for use in 2400-4800KW Stamford generator type P80. Power input 140-220Vac, sensing input 170-250Vac, output to exciter max 180Vdc. Ex stock United Kingdom - shipped Worldwide. We can offer pricing in GBP, USD & EURO - please contact us for a full quotation with DHL shipping cost. Sales: Tel: +44 (0)115 923 2568 (United Kingdom) Tel: (24-hour) +44 (0)7484709956 (United Kingdom)